Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day Thirty-Four

So it was off to London. We left early in the morning

Looking at my passport stamp from the chunnel, I realized it was exactly four years later, to the day, than my previous chunnel stamp. Creepy.

Lots of terrorist paranoia security as we boarded.

We found fish and chips first. They are so good. Harry Ramsden's is a reputable chipper that I remebered from Scotland, so we ate there.

Then it was time to torment more pigeons in Trafalgar Square, as per our method that we perfected in Barcelona.

If, like me, you are a Mormon, you have heard Gordon B. Hinckley's memories of speaker's corner in Hyde Park. We went to the once-popular location where many an impassioned religious man or discoverer of a new miracle drug have spoken, but it was empty. That didn't stop us. I gave a thirty second speech extolling the virtues of the frisbee, and chastised Britain for not playing frisbee more often. Only Rob was there to hear it. Preaching to the choir.

Wandering back, we found ourselves in full view of the House of Parliament. Here's some info you can use to sound smart: the big tower is not actually called Big Ben. That's the name of the bell inside that you can't actually see.

I really had to, er, visit the loo at this point, so I did something that I normally avoid for philosophical reasons: I used a pay toilet.

This thing is amazing though. It had signs all of over it: "Voted Best Public Toilet In Britain!" And it was. It was clean, private, had fresh flowers, and played some broadway music from a boombox. It was quite serene.

Then we went into some cathedral.

Earlier in the day we had bought tickets to Le Mes (I tried to talk Rob into Death of a Salesman but Rob knows what he wants). We wandered some more, checked out some record shops, then went to the show. It was a great production.


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