Saturday, July 16, 2005

Day Twenty-Six (TR)

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I ate a small bowl of Spanish cereal that was really good. Imagine Cookie Crisp, except imagine it tasing good instead of gross. That's what I ate.

Church was good. I missed Priesthood meeting because I spent the whole time in the hallway talking to the missionaries and to David and his friends. Sunday school was good and I understood almost everything that was said. The teacher's Spanish had this cool accent that I hadn't heard before. As I walked into Sacrament meeting I realized how many Latinoamericans there were in this ward. Most Church members in Spain are Latinoamericans. For some reason I found it impossible to stay awake during sacrament meeting, so I cannot really tell you much about it.

David's Grandmother and Granfather, though divorced, were back at the house cooking us this great paella. Man it was good. I ate twice as much as anyone else, and Abuelo seemed flattered while I fattered. Man, Rob sure missed out on that.

Speaking of Rob, he calls us a little while later from the Masnou train station after his ferry came in from Citavecchia. Rob comes back to the house and we all watch The Simpsons in Spanish. And let me tell you, the Simpsons are three times as funny in Spanish, even though Homer's voice is really weird.

While Rob slept I played this funky card game with David, Sarita, and Abuelo. It was like hearts or Rook but its four suits were Gold, Swords, Cups, and Clubs. The clubs were not like ours though. They were actual clubs for smashing things. David got really impassioned during the game. He shouted all kinds of words I had never heard before. And watch out for little Sarita. Don't be fooled by that sweet little smile. She is a ruthless card player.

A snack of lentejas and chorizo and its time for bed. Poor Rob. He is totally lost during the conversation at the table. Now he knows how I felt in the Netherlands.


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