Saturday, July 30, 2005

Day Twenty-Seven

Rob has to go see the Sagrada Familia, which I have already seen, and David has to tend to his girlfriend today, so I go on another solo adventure.

There is a street in Barcelona that has several buildings by Gaudi and as a four-day-old Gaudi enthusiast I decide to go see them. They were well worth the visit even though I didn't have time to go inside them. Except one, which was this cool apartment building that looks like it was built by Ewoks sub-contracted under the Anasazi. And in the middle of a city. I went into just the free part, which had a free art exhibit including works from Dali, Picasso, and others. I got to see the original of Picasso's Don Quixote.

I ran out of time quite quickly, and after using this ultra-hip square toilet they had in the gallery's bathroom I was on my way back to the basilica.

Next up, parque de guell again to show Rob around. We ate an eclectic lunch of crackers and such as we sat on Gaudi's ridiculous tiled bench and tormented pigeons.

Realizing how childish this was, we switched to using the pigeons to torment other humans, which is obviously much more sophisticated. I'ts very simple:
1. Lure hordes of pigeons to your vicinity with cracker crumbs, pringles, bread, whatever.
2. Wait for some innocent person to pass within a close proximity of your unknowing accomplices.
3. Toss a tennis ball, wallet, Pringles can, whatever a few feet or even inches into the air and catch it in your hand again. (For some reason pigeons find this terrifying, much more so than stomping or flapping your arms or opening and closing an umbrella like Sean Connery....wait, that was seagulls).
4. Watch in glee as innocent person shields own face in terror of swallowing an entire pigeon and contracting avian flu.

The beautiful thing about this excercise is that nobody, even if they saw you toss your small object into the air, ever makes the connection that you are the one who caused their public humiliation, much less that it was intentional.

Returning briefly to David's house to change our clothes, it's time for the beach! Woohoo! Beach! Yeah! Woo!

The weather is perfect and the beach is not too crowded, but the water is full of medusas, or as you Americans call them, jellyfish. Personally I like the Spanish name better.

Sun was bathed in. Frisbees were thrown. Selves were dipped. Skin was burned.

Medusas are not too difficult to avoid, it turns out. What was difficult to avoid was topless women. They were everywhere. And when we tried to move somewhere else away from them, more came!

My fellow heterosexual males, you might be tempted to call me a weirdo for not thinking that this was the greatest thing ever and the highlight of my trip. Honestly, as great as you might imagine it being, it was just gross. I didn't feel guilty or uncomfortable or anything, it was just kind of unexpectedly gross.

The sun went down and we walked back to David's house and got cleaned up before going out to this restaurant on the beach. I'm sure David would have joined us, but he was still on the phone with his girlfriend.


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