Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day Thirty-Three

Sunday and time for church again. Rob tracked down one a few mile north of our hotel. I wish this were more interesting than it was, but imagine not being able to understand anything for three hours. We caved and just sang the hymns in English, figuring the poor locals in this tourist-infiltrated ward were sick of hearing us yanks mutilate their language.
Our pre-purchased chunnel passes would only allow us one more day in Paris, so this was our day to visit Versailles. I warned Rob that it was not as cool as Het Loo (see day eight) and that it was one of the stuffier things in Paris to do, but we went anyway.
At this point, I ask that readers brace themselves. That's right. We saw Ben Stiller touring Versailles. Man, that is a short guy. Seriously, 5'5" or something like that. His tour group was travelling in reverse direction compared to the others, and he was surrounded by three large men.
So if you want to learn something about Versailles, ask someone else. I found it intensely boring and don't remember much. Basically what you need to know is that Louis XIV liked to party.
It was a nice day though. Rob and I got ice cream. And any day with ice cream is usually a good day.


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