Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Day Thirty-One

Well we had to get up at like 5:00 am to catch the first bus out of this tiny country. The driver was a butt face. First he barks at us to hurry up and load our bags, then impatiently takes our money for the ticket and speeds off to...the other side of Andorra la Vela to stop the bus while he eats breakfast. I am eating a sandwich when he gets back on the bus, and he points at a sign in Catalan which appears to say I can't eat or drink. I put it away. A few minutes later he lights up a cigarette, then a big stinky cigar, and then another cigarette as he sat within inches of about three "no smoking" signs. I got out my sandwich and finished it. Jerk.

What a beautiful drive it was though. We arrived in L'Hospitalitet at about six thirty and waited in the cold air for the better part of an hour for the train.

Then we waited at the train station for like an hour. The German who had been on the bus with us went off to find a bar, but they were all closed. I played my harmonica with unspectacular but time-killing results.

Another multi-trained journey, during which we ate olives, crakers and cheese, and we were in Paris. Hooray. Much smoother than trying to get to Barcelona and Rome. Foe the first time we had our hostel already booked, which was a nice change. Then off to find some dinner. We had kebabs again, even though the last time we had those Rob got violently ill. This place was clean though.

With the few remaining hours of daylight and feeling like fairly seasoned travelers by now, we walked several miles to the Eiffel Tower. On the way we saw some cool parks and plazas, ornate buildings, and a Buddhist throat singer complete with bare feet and rosary. He wasn't collecting money or anything, just entertaining for free.

The Eiffel Tower...how can I describe it. It is big. And Metal. That pretty much sums it up. Nice view from there though. And it's got this spotlight that shines from the top that reminded me of Sauron's Dark Tower scanning Mordor for hobbits.

Then, on the way home, we saw (at least) 3,000 people on rollerblades, skates, or skateboards, flowing down the streets like a letahl tsunami of molasses. For some reason.

Day Thirty

Not much today. Just the journey back to civilization. Back at the Hostal del Sol the conciergie offered us our same room again, but I asked her if we could have a room for just two people. We knocked off fifteen euros that way at the cost of sharing a double bed. We were both so exhausted that it didn't really matter. The rest of the day we spent doing laundry, updating this blog, buying Rob a tax-free mp3 player, and planning our multi-modal journey to Paris tomorrow. It was nice to spend a few days in the same city without having to worry about any tourist sites.